Who are we?

Sportsgaywear.com is an LGBTQ-run online shop based in Berlin delivering worldwide, fronted by founders Ves and Mark. We care about creating options for and the needs of our community, combining our love and knowledge for gay culture with our own creative skills and expertise.

The idea of Sportsgaywear.com started at Whole United Queer Festival just 2 hours outside Berlin, where Mark and Ves were visiting together the summer of 2018. They had for a long time been observing the sports-themed subculture of the gay scene and started discussing how they and a lot of their friends would be buying their sports clothes in random stores and online, and how useful and also fun it would be to gather everything in one place combined with gay slang, jokes and sportswear. As they returned to Berlin after the festival the idea simmered for a while before they decided to develop the concept and hence the store was opened in Berlin, November 2018 and became what Sportsgaywear.com is today.

What we do: 

Stylish sportswear for gay men, providing you with brands that aren’t part of the mainstream menswear.

Sportsgaywear.com is the first and only webshop of its kind catering exclusively to the sports-gay lifestyle. We combine high-quality products with high standard customer service, prioritizing your wishes and simplifying your shopping needs by gathering all your favorite products in one place.

Looking to live your best bottom life? Top of the line in need of sportswear for your next clubbing event?  Searching for that sport's fetish? 

Sportsgaywear is here for your ultimate shopping experience. 



Mark and Ves,


For inquiries or requests please email: sportsgaywear@gmail.com