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Why wrestling is so hot and how to become sportsgay of the year.

  What's up boys. The week's about to get hot and sweaty with our sport of the week feature - W R E S T L I N G. Perhaps the number one sport with the most down moves, bump and grind and close body contact. Why not try a piledriver move, 4-Leg lock or a penetrating shot with your partner to test who's really the top or bottom? It doesn't get much hotter than this. And you can try it all while wearing one of our wrestling suits!  This week's #MCM is no other than heartthrob Dylan Geick, the young pro-wrestler who proudly champions his sexuality by beating any opponent or anti-gay comments in the ring. And the man isn't just abs, he...

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Happy New Sportsgay-year!

  Hey, boys don't be shy! Here at the Sportsgaywear-headquarters we are reviewing the last year with the opening of our brand new online shop and lining up our best buys and products catered exclusively by our employees for your ultimate shopping experience so that you can get a fresh start for the new year.Still lost for what your gonna wear to real that hunk inn this year? Want a new beginning with a completely new look in 2019? Looking for your New Years daddy or wanna be one yourself? Browse our shop for outfits and that jockstrap to get some ideas.    Get inspired by the one and only Jorge Piantelli over at Kaltblut: Read about why Crossfit is the...

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Welcome to - The Ultimate Provider of the Sports Gay Lifestyle.

WELCOME TO SPORTSGAYWEAR.COM.   We are proud to introduce you to our new shop, the first and only webshop of its kind catering exclusively to the Sports Gay lifestyle. Who are we? is an LGBTQ-run online shop based in Berlin delivering worldwide fronted by founders Ves and Mark. We care about creating options for and the needs of our community, combining our own love for gay culture with our own creative skills and expertise. The idea of started at Whole United Queer Festival just 2 hours outside Berlin where Mark and Ves were visiting together, the summer of 2018. They had for a long time been observing the sports-themed subculture of the gay scene and started discussing how...

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